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Catalan World

Did you notice during your stay in Catalonia that traditional Spanish symbols - such as the bull or the windmill - are missing?

Or did you notice:
- that bullfights are meanwhile forbidden?
- that Catalan and Spanish are 2 official languages?
- the complex Catalan reality?

Catalonia offers a precious and unique culture, that is unknown to many foreigners. In bilingual Catalonia the people's origins are from many different geographical areas, attracting immigration from different areas along the Mediterranean. Surprisingly, this mixture has strengthened the Catalan identity of the people. Being Catalan is something to be proud of and everyone is a Catalan that feels like a Catalan: "
Ús un sentiment".

This identity is visible in many different ways; the pride in one┤s own identity is shared and it extends beyond politics.

You can grasp this uniqueness by apreciating the human towers, the mountains of Montserrat, the Sardana dance, the Catalan cuisine, the modernist architecture, the surrealism of DalÝ and even the FC Barcelona - supposedly more than just a club. These are just a few examples of the special culture.

Calatunya today:
The bilingual society has never been easy to understand, because it is plural and diverse. On 11th September 2012, 1,5 Million people took to the streets to claim independence for Catalonia. Since then, but also due to the current economical crisis, the coexistence among Spanish and Catalans has been more difficult that ever and the subject is constantly being discussed in the media and in the streets.

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